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This Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data, hereinafter "Privacy Policy", applies generally to the collection and processing of personal data provided by users who access this website, and to all customers, suppliers, partners intended to allow the contact with Le Furak Lda with NIF 513684042, hereinafter referred to as "Le Furak", also applying to the exercise of rights, by the user, in relation to these data, under the terms of the applicable legislation. This Policy is of a general nature, so the information provided in it can be supplemented or removed, in whole or in part, by other policies, notices or more specific information that may have been or may be made available in the context of certain types of processing of personal data.


Le Furak is the entity responsible for the treatment of personal data provided by the respective holder when filling out forms on this website, as well as other personal data that have been or may be provided in any other medium, directly or through others, or that have been generated by Le Furak in the scope of services provided. DATA PROTECTION CHARGE The Personal Data Protection Officer can be contacted in writing at the following address: PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA The data provided in the relationship established with Le Furak are treated in accordance with the legally applicable precepts. The purpose of processing personal data is to manage services provided by Le Furak. The data is also collected for the exclusive use of Le Furak's marketing activities.


The period of time during which the data is stored and preserved varies according to the purpose for which the information is processed and according to the legal obligations and requirements that may apply, and which require the data to be kept for a period of time. Minimum. Thus, and whenever there is no specific legal obligation, the data will be stored and preserved only for the minimum period necessary for the purposes that motivated its collection or its further treatment, at the end of which they will be eliminated. We expressly remind you that at any time you can request the deletion of all your personal data from our databases. This request should be sent to the email USE OF COOKIES We use "cookies" to collect information about your visits to our website and to improve your experience. If you wish, you can disable all "cookies" if you prefer not to receive them. You can also have your computer notify you of the use of "cookies". In both cases, you need to adjust your browser settings.


If you wish, you can cancel your registration or use at any time and you can choose not to receive any email messages, and you can also choose to delete all your personal information from our database. If you wish you can also cancel subscriptions, delete or modify your personal information, through our email indicating the subject "Rectification, Deletion or Update of Personal Data". CONSENT OF THE DATA HOLDER By using our website you confirm that you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, as well as our Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with the terms of our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions, please do not provide us with personal information and cease using it on our website or physical store. DATA HOLDER'S RIGHT TO ACCESS YOUR PERSONAL DATA The data subject has the right to receive a copy of his personal information in our possession, if it exists.


This Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time, through publication on the website, without the prior and express consent of the data subject. Any significant changes will be communicated with the degree of publicity corresponding to their relevance, either by highlighting the online publication, or, if the relevance justifies it, by means of individual communication to the data subjects.